Monday, October 20, 2008

Learn to Jitterbug

Want to jitterbug like Brooke Burke and Derek Hough? You should. This dance is fun and you'll be seeing it everywhere soon. Impress all of your friends by learning the jitterbug by buying one of these great DVDs.

One of the best DVDs to get you started if you are new to swing is Swing Dancing for Beginners Volume 1 (Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection). It covers both Time Swing and East Coast Swing and is the best introduction to swing dancing that there is.

If you want to focus solely on the jitterbug, I recommend Swing! Jitterbug for the total beginner. This DVD is also for the beginner, and you don't need to know swing to be able to learn the jitterbug from this easy to follow DVD.

All kinds of swing are fun and energetic. You'll lose weight, meet interesting people, and be able to impress all of your friends once you know the jitterbug. So, start dancing!

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